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Natural Remedies For Cats With Kidney Disease


Kidney disease in cats is a common problem. It can be due to a number of factors such as accident, shock, old age or bacterial and viral infections. Natural remedies for cats with kidney disease can treat the condition and will improve the quality of your cat’s life.


Feed your cat a special kidney diet. Feed a protein rich diet of human-quality raw meat plus small quantities of a variety of herbs, fruit, grain and vegetables. A raw meat diet keeps blood urea nitrogen levels low, a protein waste product excreted through the kidneys. Heat-treated animal protein, as found in commercial foods, is more difficult to digest and creates more waste which the kidneys must deal with. Such a diet is more stressful to the kidneys and results in higher toxicity in the blood if the kidneys are not working properly. Raw protein, in comparison, digests more completely with less waste.

Change the diet gradually and be patient and persistent, especially if your cat is not used to eating raw meat. Feed small meals but often, to ease the burden on the kidneys. A tiny bit of salt can be added to the morning meal to replace the salt loss brought about by the imbalance of the kidney function.

If you cat suffers from kidney failure, you need to monitor the acid content of the food carefully. Honey is the most suitable of sugars that can be dealt with by the kidneys, but do not give more than half a teaspoon per day. Dilute the honey in spring water and add 1/3 of a teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar.

Herbal remedies

The best way to administer natural kidney remedies is to prepare a tisane (herbal tea). Useful herbs include parsley, shepherd’s purse, golden rod, cleavers, yellow deadnettle, yarrow, horsetail, marigold and stinging nettle. To make a tisane use one teaspoon of the required herbs and pour 150ml of boiling water over the them. Leave to infuse for one minute. For all kidney disorders give four dropperfuls, four times a day.

Parsley has a cleansing and toning effect on the system, so offer your cat fresh chopped parsley. If she does not accept it, prepare a parsley tisane. The parsley tisane is so beneficial that it should be given in addition to all other treatments.

If there is blood in the urine, give a tisane of shepherd’s purse and golden rod. If your cat suffers from hardening of the kidneys, make a tisane of golden rod, cleavers, yellow deadnettle and yarrow. Per litre of the solution add half a teaspoon of Swedish bitters. For gravel in the kidney make barley water and give one dropperful before each meal. For kidney failure due to accident or shock give a golden rod, horsetail, yellow deadnettle and St John’s wort tisane.

Many forms of chronic kidney failure are the end result of infections or toxins damaging the kidneys. However, the typical form of chronic kidney failure is the result of aging. Chronic kidney disorder can be treated with a horsetail and yellow deadnettle tisane. This will help older cats with a sluggish liver. For acute kidney disease due to bacterial, viral infection use a horsetail, marigold, stinging nettle and cleavers tisane. This recipe will also benefit cats with kidney failure due to serious injury or major surgery.

The most important thing for a cat with kidney failure is to maintain adequate hydration. Offer lots of fresh water. If your cat isn’t a great water drinker, pour liquid over its food. The aim of this is to promote diuresis, i.e. flushing the body with fluids to create more urine and help eliminate the build up of waste products.

These natural remedies for cats with kidney disease are proven to be effective. They are safe and will improve kidney functioning.

Source by Monika Ruthe

The Best Of Love Songs 70s,80s and 90s – Best Love Songs Of All Time Romantic Love Ever


The Best Of Love Songs 70s,80s and 90s – Best Love Songs Of All Time Romantic Love Ever.


The Father’s Role During The Baby Shower And His Unique Baby Shower Gifts


Traditionally, baby showers were women-only events because it was a celebration of womanhood. The trend nowadays is to invite the husband and father-to-be to the baby shower. In fact, you can give the husband a separate baby shower and yet not feel any less manly! These new trends are logical considering that it takes two to make a baby, if natural processes are assumed.

The Role of the Father in a Baby Shower

When the father is invited, he will usually become co-honoree with the mother. As such, you can tell anecdotes about the pregnancy progress of your wife, participate in the baby games, and open the gifts. Generally speaking, you lend support and loving care to your wife, especially as baby showers are done during the third trimester. These months are usually the times when she needs more physical and emotional support.

You can also receive unique baby shower gifts meant for you and your coming baby. Guests can address the gift card to you. On the other hand, you can also give your gifts to the expectant mother, which would thrill her no end if the gifts are romantic.

What an Expectant Father Can Expect as Gifts

There are many unique baby shower gifts on the market now. With wide selections to choose from, you can expect to receive varied gifts as the expectant father. Sometimes, these gifts are coordinated with your wife’s gifts.

Guests will usually think about what they want to give to the mother and purchase or make a similar one for you; they tweak it a little to suit more manly tastes. This tip applies only to small supplies like bath and grooming kits and gift certificates. So, unless guests want an overcrowded nursery and home, they would refrain from giving you two sets of cribs, strollers, and high chairs.

Other unique baby shower gifts for the father-to-be are diaper kits to help you learn how to change diapers. Or, a survival kit for those inevitable emergencies while out enjoying outdoors. Or, a patently-male diaper bag so that you will not use mommy’s bag. Try to see the humor in these gifts, especially as these are given in good cheer and can actually be very useful in the future.

What Daddy Can Give to Mommy during the Baby Shower

You can give unique baby shower gifts to your wife during the baby shower itself. Or, you can choose to do it privately.

Unique baby shower gifts that your wife will cherish can be very simple and sweet, or they can be very expensive and fulfill her material desires. Either way, you know best about what will make her really happy on this special celebration.

You can give her a favorite book or movie, a set of jewelry, spa and salon gift certificates, the designer dress that she has always wanted, and other thoughtful gifts and gestures. The important thing is that you remembered her heart’s desire.

As an expectant father, you are part of the celebration of new life because you are half of the miracle growing inside her. It is but logical that you both celebrate your parenthood together in the company of family and friends. You can also strengthen emotional bonds with your wife when you go with her to her baby shower.

Source by Mandie Klein

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