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10. Great Dane – Great Danes can be gentle giants if properly trained and cared for as they already belong among the very emotional and sensitive group of dogs! But, if not trained and socialized from an early age, they can become quite dangerous and aggressive! Considering their massive body height and weight, they can bring about fatalities!

9. Boxer Dog – A hunting dogs and they have been used as attack and guard dogs ever since being bred! They have a powerful jaw and bite – which is perfect for protection! but, if not properly trained they can turn out very aggressive attackers!

8. Wolf Hybrid – As you may have already understood, these dogs are a cross between grey wolves and dogs and this makes them quite unpredictable! They have a head of their own, wild and demanding! Many states have already banned the possibility of owning a Wolf Hybrid as a house pet!

7. Alaskan Malamut – Alaskan Malamutes are highly energetic dogs and if their energy does not get positively used, they can turn into quite aggressive dogs! They have an emphasised need to hunt for prey, therefore, should be carefully looked after! One other important thing is that they are slow learners, which requires for a lot of patience while training them!

6. Siberian Husky – Siberian Huskies, just like the Alaskan Malamutes, have been bred as working dogs, and that is the reason they are not very social! But, with the right approach and training, you can make them become more friendly and calm! Poor socialization and training will surely turn them into aggressive and dangerous dogs!

5. Bullmastiff – Ss guard dogs, Bullmastiff’s have a natural aggressive temperament, which if not properly cared for can turn out fatal! They are large dogs, therefore, training them and making them obedient is a must in order to avoid unpleasant confrontations!

4. Doberman – They will sense danger and will react on their owner! They are naturally aggressive towards strangers and also their size plays a role in making them even more dangerous! if not properly trained and obedient, they can cause quite some damage!

3. German Shepherd – Extremely focused towards taking the danger down, they can cause fatal damage! naturally aggressive, can be some what toned down by appropriate training, socialization and affection! In this way, you will get a loyal and a very loving household pet!

2. Rottweiler – Rottweilers have one of the worst tempers, and are also, considered unsuitable family dogs, especially for families where the owner is an amateur, without a calm and assertive nature! They need to be continuously trained and attentive to, in order to avoid dangerous reactions!

1. Pitbull – Pit Bulls are fighter dogs and they will enthusiastically go after their task until completed! They have a very powerful jaw and bite and are well-known to not release their bite so easily! Therefore, they should be trained and socialized from an early age in order to avoid unnecessary dangerous situations!

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What’s your choice? Which dog breed will you choose?

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