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In this video we will show you the Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds In The World. some of them are meant for racing and they can run faster than an ordinary dog. Their bone structures and flexibility are one of a kind that makes them move faster than you ever think, can they beat the cheetah when it comes to race? it is possible but most of the time cheetah would win. so here is the top 10 fastest dog breeds listed below, and enjoy watching. thank you!

10. Saluki – These beautiful dogs look like coated Greyhounds, and they are also in the sighthound group. Also originating in Egypt, Salukis are bred for extreme endurance and can reach 40MPH.

9. Whippet – Whippets are sighthounds and used to hunt very fast prey. They can run up to 35MPH and are also used in racing.

8. Border Collie – These incredible workers are still used as farm dogs, and their extremely agile and athletic. Border Collies can run as fast as 30MPH.

7. Dalmatian – Originating in present-day Croatia, these spotted dogs can run up to 37MPH. Endurance was a key trait for Dalmatians, as they were bred as carriage dogs.

6. Doberman Pinscher – Muscular and built for endurance, this German breed can run up to 30MPH. Its no wonder they make great guard, police, and military working dogs!

5. Weimaraner – Clocked at 35MPH, the Weimaraner was originally bred to hunt deer and wolves. As a family dog this special breed needs some place to run and play.

4. Borzoi – Timed at 36MPH, the Borzoi is crossed between the greyhound and a non descript breed out of Russia. Their original design was to hunt wildlife across wide open plains, todays Borzoi is a bit more laid back, as long as it has its daily run.

3. Jack Russell Terrier – Don’t let the size fool you, the Jack Russell Terrier was recorded at a speed of 38MPH. These swift over achievers excel at Agility and Flyball sports (The mental stimulation also keeps them out of mischief.)

2. Vizsla – Showing speeds of up to 40MPH, the Vizsla is a Hungarian import that many enthusiasts believe date back to the 10th century. Easy to love and easy to train, this breed would make an excellent addition to an active family.

1. Greyhound – The Greyhound comes in at a run of 43MPH. Known primarily for their racing background, evidence of greyhounds have been found in Egyptian tombs dating back almost four thousand years.


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