I taught Djaingo to say grace for my Mother for Christmas last year….this video was just something fun to do for her. Djaingo and I now say our prayers together almost everyday. He is an Australian Cattle Dog; also known as a Blue Heeler. He’s also a Rescue Dog, my Best Friend, and a true Blessing. “Third Day” is playing on the stereo in the background.
Djaingo was an abused/give-back and was rescued just (13) thirteen hours before he was to be euthanized. I am a Disabled Veteran that has been hospitalized over (100) one-hundred times in the past eight years. Both of us are supposed to be dead; but thankfully we saved one another.
You can follow our story on FaceBook as we build a future and live a life given by our Father God.
Hope you enjoy….take care and God Bless.
Property of Steven R. Boyd @2010.



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