Misa Minnie a 1 year and 5 month old yorkie takes and passes her first Therapy Dog Test for TDI in El Cajon, Ca. She was trained with positive reinforcement and lots of treats although no treats are allowed during this test. Praising your dog is encouraged. 🙂 Special thanks to Cate from http://shelterdogstodreamdogs.com for hosting the TDI test! We loved meeting your rescues and watching them go from unpredictable deathrow dogs to Therapy dogs and service dogs!

TDI Test Categories

TDI Entry Table
Check-in and out of sight
Getting around people
Group sit/stay
Group down/stay
Recall on a 20 ft. leash
Visiting with a patient
Testing reactions to unusual situations
Leave it, phase one
Leave it, phase two
Meeting another dog
Entering through a door to visit at the facility
Reaction to children
For more information about the test, read the complete TDI testing guidelines.



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