How I solved the problem of my sweet old dog making messes from incontinence. Dog diapers for male dogs are completely different than for female dogs. I purchased the supplies from on Amazon. I bought TWO blue wraps so I could wash one if he was wearing the other.

Update: May 22, 2016, today I have a heavy heart. My sweet dog and best friend passed on over the rainbow bridge. For 8 months I cared for him and nursed him through pain until we all agreed enough was enough. I will always love him. Adopted at 1 year old from a shelter, which he was in for 3 months, in our family for 16 years, he will always be my favorite dog.

In June of 2000, we decided to go to Animal Welfare League to find a family dog. I visited there several times over 2 weeks looking for a small dog. None. AmStafs, Shepherds, Boxer, Rottweilers, an ugly white mixed breed whose door tag said he was a Komondor, all bigger dogs.
I’d stop to say hello to as many as I could. I always said hello to the ugly, stained coat white mix. He was very quiet and would sit calmly with his tail sweeping the floor when he saw me.
I was looking for under 20 lbs. He was at least 30+.
Finally on my 5th visit, I found a sweet little Pomeranian mix and let the staff know that I was interested in adopting her. We got through 30 minutes of the process when I was told that they were sorry, apparently someone else was already adopting her.
What the heck? Back to square one.
I walked through the aisles again and stopped by the ugly white one. My teenage daughter begged me NOT to get the ugly one.
His coat was shaved almost to his skin except for his head, which looked huge in comparison. She kept calling him “big head”. His legs were stained a rusty brown color and he looked very skinny and goofy.
Looks aren’t everything.
He didn’t relieve himself near his bed or food, he wasn’t barking like the other dogs, he sat on command.
Okay. He was the one. Especially after I said hello to him all 5 visits.
Within 6 weeks, his coat grew out, I trimmed his big head hair back, he gained weight and learned a new command almost every day.
He was gorgeous!
What a beautiful coat.
He was calm. He was sweet.
In 15-16 years he barked maybe 6 times.
He learned 10 hand signal commands and over 150 words, didn’t need a leash, even when passing other dogs.
He became a pillow, a foot warmer, a confidant, and then a comfort when my father passed away.
He went with me just about everywhere he was allowed by law.
Our vet felt he could have had pain management and lived a bit longer, Barley’s heart and organs were in great shape. But, with his hip pain and incontinence growing unbearable, it was time.
I have so many wonderful memories.
Somewhere, sitting alone and scared in a shelter, there is another Barley waiting.
Please adopt, don’t shop.



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