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What can your dog accomplish with great nutrition? Almost anything! Having a healthy diet, that helps nourish the body, is the foundation to helping your dog live life to the fullest.

Jesse loves adventure!! He enjoys lots of activities including playing Frisbee, lure coursing, swimming, learning tricks, playing at the beach, agility, and much, much more! Jesse eats a rotation diet, which means I periodically switch his food between high-quality fresh food, wet food, and kibble. He sure loves his food at mealtime! We couldn’t agree more with Nutrience’s philosophy “Nourish the body. Fuel the spirit”

We hope you enjoy!
~Heather and Jesse~

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Jesse is taught using exclusively positive reinforcement and relationship-based training. Find out more on his Official Website:

Special Thanks to Nutrience for their healthy, high-quality, grain free diet! Jesse was definitely a happy pup to try out this food 🙂 Their food is now available at Amazon!
Find out more about Nutrience:

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Josh Woodward “Airplane Mode” Instrumental
Kevin MacLeod “Bright Wish” & “Divertimento K131”



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