Cats are adorable because of their fur and friendliness. However, cats may give you problems especially if you are allergic to them. You might be experiencing cat allergies yet there is no way that you are going to move out your pet from home. This might be a problem but dealing with your cat so that you can prevent allergies that may cause serious problems like sinus problems may be accomplished with a little diligence. If ever you have found out that you are allergic to cats, then you must make a move to prevent serious problems. There are many symptoms accompanied with a cat allergy like itchy water eyes, sneezing, runny nose, headache and sinus problems. Therefore if you are going to keep your cat at home then you are going to need to moderate these symptoms. However, there are instances that may be life threatening and will mean that it is time that you have to find a new home for your cat.

You must be reminded that along with these symptoms a cat allergy may cause serious problems such as sinus infection which is a painful and disturbing disease. So, as much as possible, it is better that you determine if you are allergic to cats before it is too late. You must be aware of the symptoms of cat allergies which include infection, eye swelling, itching, and redness of the eyes, post nasal drip, rashes, itchy skin, popping or plugged ears, coughing and hoarseness of voice. At seldom instances, there might be shortness of breath, reoccurring bronchitis, wheezing that may increase if you are exposed to dusts and dirt. These symptoms of cat allergies are closely similar to symptoms of sinus problems. Often times, people mistake the cause of the allergy. Actually, the allergy comes not from the cat but from the perfumes that is used for cats like litter. Cat allergy is actually caused by allergens usually the sebum secreted by your cat. So it is not on the cat’s hair that results in the allergy but rather on the protein that is on the dander and these are tiny particles that easily move around.

So how can you prevent sinus problems caused by a cat allergy? There are various ways to do this. The first one is the use of HEPA filters. These are placed in each room of your home and a vacuum with HEPA filters will help as well in the reduction of allergens from cats. Also, it will be a good choice if you are going to keep your cat spayed or neutered which reduces the sebum level which is produced by your cat. Furthermore, you might as well change the carpet on your floorings which makes a great difference because your carpet traps not just cat dander but also dust mites and may be a host for other allergens. You must also bathe your cat regularly and cover your mattress and pillows using tight casings which also help. Be reminded that half of the day is used for sleeping so, it makes sense to keep your cat out of your bedroom and you could as well use allergy vaccines which are designed to desensitize you.

Be aware that sinus problem may bring you life threatening problems, so, if you are thinking about your health but you find it difficult for you to let your cat out of house, then you must follow these tips.

Source by Carl T Walters


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