Do you know that slime Sam and his human friend Sue have a cat? He’s been around, but he hasn’t showed up in any of the videos before. Today, you can finally meet him! He’s name is Fluffy and… he’s a bit upset that Sam and Sue has never made anything for him. They made labyrinths for a rat, for a hamster, ever for Sue herself! But Fluffy wants a labyrinth all to himself. Sue must have read Fluffy’s mind, because that’s what she’s making. And Sam is ready to help. Because even if Fluffy sometimes ruins his crafts, they are still good friends!

Do you want to make an amazing cardboard labyrinth for your own cat? Then watch this video closely! This crafts requires only thick cardboard and hot glue. Lots of cardboard and glue, because this labyrinth is huge. It’s so big that Sam hopes it will make into the Guinness World Records Book! All the measurements and the draft are given in the video. You will only need to cut out all the pieces, fold some of them, and then glue everything together. Make sure you have a lot of space! Once it’s ready, mark start and finish and let your cat in. And watch closely, or the cat might want to cheat a little and jump out instead of searching for the exit. Cats love jumping high, right?

Fluffy is a smart cat and he will surely find the exit, then he will get a tasty reward! Watch him go 5:45

Did you like Fluffy? Then, come and meet other pets that live in Sam and Sue’s home:

Busy ants

A funny hamster

A giant snail

An adorable dog

A clever rat

This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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