With the focus of a cat chasing a laser pointer, “This American Wife” host Eric Martin tracks down the people who make the cat videos that distract you from your work. From AWTV in Los Angeles, it’s “This American Wife.”

From the creators of the hilarious podcast “This American Wife,” a popular parody of “This American Life,” comes a hilarious parody of the Showtime series of the same name. Each week the TAW team shines a spotlight on something annoying, amusing, and American in pop culture. This week: public radio pledge drives. They’re long, they’re tedious, and they occasionally involve Robert Siegel naming a cocktail.

For the podcast version of the series, visit http://www.thisamericanwifepodcast.com

Written, Directed & Produced by Eric Martin
Story by Eric Martin, Jen Goldberg, Paul Jay, Alison Agosti & Dave Horwitz
Music by Christopher Hoag
Starring Mary Holland, Natasha Vargas-Cooper, Laren McGuire, Jack Conway, Eric Martin
and Julie Klausner
Camera Eric Martin, Jon D’Avolio
Special Thanks John Mulhall, Alison Agosti, Ned Hepburn, Zach Mathers, Sissy the Cat
Executive Producers Tom Hoffman, Matt Johnson



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