Inappropriate elimination is the number 1 cause of cats being put down, given away, sold and/or abandoned. When it comes to inappropriate elimination Veterinarians have been using Prozac for cats, to eliminate the problem of inappropriate elimination. Prozac for cats has been a miracle drug for many cats facing the possibility of euthanasia or abandonment, saving them from a bad end, and giving them the life they deserve.

Even though they have a reputation for being independent and self-sufficient, many cats manifest behavior issues or negative habits which requirement attention. Prior to finding a new home for the cat, doing away with it to the dangerous outdoors, or even the idea of putting the animal down, think about finding out what is causing the issue, how to deal with the behavior, and how to re-train your pet. With appropriate know-how, ones cat can once again be loving and enjoyable.

Inappropriate elimination is not really one problem but rather a group of conditions: some health-related, some bodily (relating to normal biological functions), some to do with elimination inclinations, and others associated to anxiety and stress. Some cats just cease using the litter box. Others use the litter box for elimination reasons but additionally mark their own territory using urine or fecal matter.

One such incident where a couple had brought home a new baby, the cat was inappropriately urinating on everything. after a couple of weeks, and keeping the litter box clean, the cat stopped. However, when they brought home their second baby, the inappropriate elimination and urination became very bad, and didn’t stop, even after several weeks. Their only thought was to either find a new home for the cat, with a single person and no other pets, or put the cat down. They really didn’t want to do either. They took the cat to the vet to check for urinary track infection which came back negative. This is when the veterinarian suggested Prozac for the cat.

After explaining to the couple that many medications have been tried and failed, Prozac for cats urinating inappropriately seemed to work the best. So this is what the couple tried as a last resort before putting the cat down. After just one dose at night, the cat completely stopped urinating, except for in it’s own litter box. They said the cat has also stopped howling at night and keeping them awake at time, and now comes out in the light during the day, instead of hiding all day and only coming out at night.

Prozac for cats has stopped inappropriate elimination and urinating in a great many cases, and is possibly the best treatment when all else fails.

Source by Larry L Clark


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