Alley Cat by Bent Fabric. One of my favorite songs from the 1960’s.

This won the Grammy Award for Best Rock & Roll Recording, 1962.
Bent Fabric is a man, not a group. His real name is Bent Fabricus-Bjerre, and he wrote this under the pseudonym “Frank Bjorn.”
Fabric is a piano player from Denmark. The Danish title of this is “Omkring et Flygel,” which means “Around the Piano.”
This was the theme song of popular Danish TV show of same name, hosted by Fabric.
Farbic led a jazz band in the 1940’s. He became head of Denmark’s Metronome Records in 1950, making the transition to pop music about the same time. (thanks, Brad Wind – Miami, FL, for all above)
An instrumental, this used to be very popular at weddings. It has a goofy dance that speeds up with the music.
A later vocal version features lyrics by Jack Harlen.



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