Is your special friend showing signs of aggressive cat problems but you’re not sure if it just being playful or not? Cats are very subtle creatures and can be hard to understand at times. Telling the difference between playful aggression and dangerous violent aggression isn’t always easy, especially if such behavior is taking place between two cats in the home.

Playful Aggression – Kitty Just Wants Attention

This type of aggressive behavior is characterized by pouncing, clawing and even some light biting at times. If this is directed towards you its a safe bet your cat is under-stimulated and wants to play. If this occurs during play, your cat is probably just unaware that being too rough with a human is unacceptable behavior.

If these aggressive cat problems are happening between two cats it can be harder to detect due to the fact that it can lead to a fight if one of the cats just isn’t in the mood to play. This is typical between older cats and younger cats/kittens who have more energy and need more attention. Sometimes it can be worth the investment of getting another kitten for your kitten to play with.

Dangerous Violent Aggression – Kitty Is Seriously Upset About Something

These can be some of the most frightening and disturbing aggressive cat problems. If your cat is hissing and growling then it’s not mere playful aggression, something has set kitty off and he is ready to lash out, if he hasn’t already. This could be caused by a wide range of things including fear, social aggression, a territorial dispute with another cat, or in a worst case scenario a serious health problem.

It could also be a case of redirected aggression in which your cat is taking out his angst over another situation on you and the other cats in the home. A new cat coming into the neighborhood or an on-going feud with another cat in the house could set off aggressive cat problems of this nature.

Is There A Way To Stop Aggressive Cat Problems?

Yes, very rarely is there a situation where a cat’s aggressive behavior can’t be fixed. The key is understanding and pinpointing the source of your cat’s problem. Once that is discovered eliminating this bad behavior is quite simple. However, cats can be extremely hard to understand sometimes due to their subtle nature. Also some cats don’t communicate as well as others.

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