In cat planet, Marley is a big tabby cat who walks upright like a human. One day, Marley sets out to the beach to have a picnic. On the way, he buys something to eat for the picnic including fishes and rats.

He plays volleyball with a couple after eating all the fishes and rats he bought. While playing volley ball, he got into an argument with a cat. He was about to get into a fight when the life guard comes and stop them.

In the bagpipe class, he offended the girls and got beaten by them. Mrs. Coyote pulls Marley’s tail to punish his mischievousness. Marley decides to take revenge on the teacher after class.

When the teacher drives home, he ties a string across the road but it did not deter her from getting home. Instead, Mrs. Coyote gets down the car to untie it. Next, he put some crackling bombs on the road so that there are lots of crackling sound when she drives through it.

Finally, he stuck something in the exhaust pipe so that smoke keeps coming out from the hood in front. Because her car stuck in the middle of the road, she has to call the tow truck. Marley goes back to his car having feeling satisfied he has taken vengeance on the teacher.

After driving a while, his car runs out of fuel and has to stop. While he was pushing the car, he got distracted by some squirrels. When the squirrels lose sight, he turns his attention to a bee hive that is hanging on a tree.

He tries to take down the bee hive but gets chased by the bees down the road. He runs into a shop. The cashier quickly calls the fire truck when he sees a large swarm of bee enters into the shop. Marley runs out of the shop again and jumps into a lake. He uses a hollow reed to help him to breathe under water.

The firemen uses a sticky net to attract the bees and then they use a shredder to shred them. The bees are shred to tiny pieces like the shavings of a sharpened pencil. When Marley comes up the water, he pushes his car home. This time, he finally reaches home.

He takes a bath to clean himself thoroughly. He cancels the bagpipe class afterwards. The next day, he attend a lesson at the college. While at the class, he did not pay attention and was asked by the teacher to stand in front of the class.

He pulls the ear of another starfish called Starr who was also asked to stand in front of the class room. They are supposed to pull each other’s ears in front of the class. Eventually, both couldn’t tolerate each other. Marley pulls Star ear too hard when trying to fight back and he knocks over the teacher’s desk.

The coffee on the desk splashes onto the teacher’s shirt and it makes the teacher even more angry. The teacher asks the both of them to stand under the sun outside of the school building. When the school session is over, three female cats passes by. One of them called Charlene stops to talk to Marley. Marley always help Charlene to climb the hill to get to the school on time.

One day, Charlene learns from her mother that her 3 siblings have gone missing. The three of them were flying through the sky on their hover board and they accidentally fall into a spaceship that is smuggling nuclear bombs.

Charlene and her mom have reported to the police but they didn’t get any news. Marley heard the news from Charlene and he wants to help her. He starts to look for the 3 siblings of Charlene.

When selling some popcorn at the harbor, Marley heard a few people talking about the boys who have been missing. He learns from them about the name of the ship where the boys may have been trapped. He board on a ship that has a same stop as the spaceship that is carrying the boys.

On the first stop, he didn’t see the spaceship so he steals a small spaceship. He flies to the second possible stop and found the spaceship that he is looking for there. He manages to get the boys out of the spaceship after a fight with a few guards. They escape through an air duct and board on the small spaceship.

When they arrive at the harbor, Marley did not let them use their hover boards to return home. He rents a spaceship bicycles and cycle the 3 little cats home. When Charlene and her mom sees the boys, they are thrilled. Charlene is so happy that Marley found her 3 siblings. She and Marley go to school together from that time onward.

Source by Zirkon Kalti


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