People who email me often confess that, when they are trying to get pregnant, they will have sex as much as possible during their fertility cycle so that they have the most chances to actually conceive. Some of them ask if this method will affect or influence the gender of their baby. It can. I will explain why in the following article.

If You Don’t Care Which Gender You Get, Having Sex Often When Trying To Conceive Is A Decent Idea: The reasoning behind this method makes a lot of sense. You only have a small window of time each month when you can actually become pregnant. So, your chances are already limited. Each time you have intercourse, more sperm is released which creates more chances for you to actually become pregnant. It only makes sense that you want to give yourself as many chances for success as you possibly can. Having intercourse as often as possible is one way to do this.

However, if you’re wanting to choose your baby’s gender, timing is so very important. When you’re just having intercourse at any old time you feel like it, then you take this careful timing out of the equation and you could be potentially leaving your baby’s gender up to mother nature or chance.

Why The Timing Of Intercourse Affects Whether You Conceive A Boy Or A Girl: To make a relatively long and complicated story more simplistic and short, having sex before ovulation favors conceiving a girl while having intercourse after the egg’s release (ovulation) increases your chances for having a boy. But, if you’re just trying to conceive with no regard for where you are in your ovulation cycle, then you’re potentially ignoring or omitting a very important variable.

Yes, choosing your baby’s gender often means having less sex during your ovulation cycle. And, yes this means less sperm chromosomes which means less chances for success. But honestly, trying each and every day of your cycle can be over kill. If you know exactly when you ovulate and plan accordingly, then you still have very targeted and decent odds. Whether or not you embrace this method really does depend on how important choosing your baby’s gender really is to you. Of course, for this method to work, you need a firm grip on your ovulation day. I highly recommend a good predictor used regularly so you know exactly when the time is right.

When (Or How Often) You Have Sex Is Not The Only Variable That Influences Your Baby’s Gender: Timing is a big issue in gender selection but it’s not the only one. How you’re having sex is just as important as when or how often you’re having it. What I mean is that the positions you use can be important also. Deeper penetration will help along the Y sperm which favors boy baby. Shallow penetration is what you want for the X sperm if you’re trying for a girl.

The last thing you want to look at is your vaginal fluid and vaginal environment and whether it’s acidic or alkaline. You want it to be acidic if you’re trying for a daughter and alkaline if you’re trying for a son. There are scientific and specific reasons for this, but this is the short version. So if your method has been to have frequent intercourse when trying to get pregnant, there’s nothing wrong with this if you don’t really have a preference as to whether you end up with a boy or a girl. But, if you favor one gender over another, your sexual frequency should reflect this.

Source by Sandy Dean


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