On Sept. 17, three researchers — Eino Partanen (University of Helsinki), Jeff Elman (Kavli Institute for Brain & Mind) and Christine Moon (Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington) — answered questions about this new study, early language development, and the making of memories in the womb.

3:50 What has this new study told us that we hadn’t known before?
4:55 Does this change our thinking about how we develop language skills?
7:25 Does this study have any practical application for expectant parents?
10:20 Can we tell if babies consciously recall these memories or if it is just a reaction?
11:25 Does a study like this have any bearing on language disorders?
13:15 Could some language deficits be caused by a-typical in utero experiences?
16:40 What activities, auditory or tactile, started in the womb could continue after birth to for maximized long-term effect?
18:45 Does additional educational stimulation help the development of a baby in utero?
20:15 What part of the brain processes language and how do children/babies process language differently than adults?
24:15 Does the mind invent a language to communicate even if we have no real vocabulary?
27:50 Is language essential to the development of the human mind?
29:25 What experiments would you like to see done in the future related to this topic?



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