Songs To Put a Baby to Sleep Lyrics Baby Lullaby Lullabies For Bedtime Fisher Price Style 3 Hours Relaxing Baby Music
Are you looking the best and most effective baby music to put babies to sleep? On Best Baby Lullabies channel we have the best music to put a baby to sleep. There are many good songs to put a baby to sleep. The can be instrumental classical or traditional but it is always soft music for baby to sleep. Try our soft music to put baby to sleep and free downloads of music for baby to sleep here

About Best Baby Lullabies

● Best Baby Lullabies has the best baby songs and music for babies to go to sleep. We also have baby lullaby songs ,white noise, womb sounds, heartbeat sounds, classical music, rain, water, nature sounds and in Fisher Price sound for babies to relax and go to sleep in a calm and peaceful way. No crying baby at bedtime if you listen to Best Baby Lullabies! Even a colicky, cranky baby will be soothed by our amazing, super soothing sleep music. Playing soothing baby music and lullabies has a very powerful relaxing, soothing and calming effect on babies and adults too, Relaxing, lullabies and lullaby songs, instrumentals, and nursery rhymes as lullabies sung to babies at bedtime helps make baby sleepy and puts a baby to sleep with no stress to mom and dad or precious babies. Soothing, soft, quiet and calm relaxation music for baby and parents really if the best way to go.

● We compose music in a wide range of music styles both singing and instrumental songs which is written especially with babies, toddlers and children in mind to help calm, relax and soothe even when it is not bedtime or nap time. Our nature sounds with rain, ocean waves, bird song music for example can be listened to, to create a peaceful, ambient environment for you and your baby to chill out and enjoy at any time, not only when you have baby sleep problem. In fact many of our listeners are older children, teenagers and adults as out feedback and comments show! Out lullabies help older people with insomnia relax their minds and fall asleep and even study which came as a happy surprise!

● Traditional Baby Lullaby Songs
Mothers and fathers worldwide have sung gentle songs to newborns, toddlers and older children since the beginning of music as it is so helpful in calming babies and more importantly bonding with baby Babies just love the soft slow sound of human voices We have popular. most loved old lullabies by Brahms-Lullaby and Goodnight or The Cradle Song, Mozart -Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Schubert’s Lullaby for Babies, Rock a Bye Baby, Hush Little Baby – sometimes called Mocking Bird, Star Light, Star Bright all in a sung version with lyrics so you can learn a lullaby to sing to your baby at bedtime or anytime. We have beautiful long instrumental versions of these songs to enjoy too

● Classical Music Lullabies For Babies
We have written versions of the most lovely classical music instrumental pieces especially for you and your children to enjoy together at sleep time or anytime when relaxation is needed. For example Canon in D, Pachelbel, Beethoven, Moonlight Sonata, Mozart Variations, Bach. Brahms Lullaby, Skye Boat Song and many more…..We are adding other classics to our children’s musical collection all the time.

Here are the Lyrics to sing…………….

Here are the lyrics Oh Go to sleep my precious one now
Under the stars of heaven sleep
Sweet dreams and may they all – come- true
May your path be clear and so bright
Loves light guiding you all the way
And peace and peace and peace and peace
Follow you all the day……………….

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