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Little Baby Bum:


Kii Yii:



Let’s say hello to some of the Nursery Rhyme Friends from Little Baby Bum!

Hello everyone! HELLOOOO!

Ok, now let’s ask each of them to show us something really cool!

Hey Jacus! Our lovely boy
Show everyone your favourite toy!

That looks amazing!

Hey Pig! Hey Super Pig!
Show us that funny curly wig!

Haha! that’s so funny!

Hey Mia! Oh little Mia
Show us your pretty toy deer!

Aww so cute!

Hey Daisy! Hey lovely Cow!
Jump up high! Show us how!

Wow! you jumped so high!

Hey Baa Baa! Sweet little sheep!
Show us your shiny red toy jeep

Oooh. can I play with it too!?

Hey Twinkle! Twinkle The Star
Show us your blue electric guitar!

What a great sound!

Hey Panda! Baby of the bunch
Show us your lovely scrummy lunch!

Yummy! looks so good!

Hey Incy! Our charming spider
Show us your skills as a bike rider!

Well done Incy!

Bye everyone! BYE!!!!




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