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Brahms Lullabies Songs on a music box For Babies Songs to put a baby to sleep – Baby Lullaby.- Lullabies For Bedtime Fisher Price Style 2 Hours Go to for FREE downloads and tips about baby sleep.


Fisher Price Style Sounds Music Box

Fisher Price toy makers use a particuar sound in their musical toys. They are simple and high pitched with a twinkling sound. The sounds are commonly made on a glockenspiel or digitally made to reproduce sound similar to this. It is a sweet, pretty sound and are very appealing to younr babies. Make sure you give your baby other music to enjoy and don’t think that they won’t appreciate the variety of listening to a hoe range of sounds and music.

Brahms Lullaby And Goodnight. Brahms most famous lullaby in a musical box style sound. Enjoy the vibrant colours in our specially made HD video and have fun with your baby chasing the clouds and stars before baby drifts off into a peaceful sleep.

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What a new study shows is that lullaby music truly is the miraculous thing that mythology has always claimed it to be. Baby Lullaby Music can arouse and excite us, to the point of delirium. It can sharpen our wits (I never feel more lucid than when I’m listening to music). And it can also soothe us, returning us for a while to that blessed state when anxiety and fear drop away, and all is well with the world.The power of baby lullaby music is great.

Brahms Lullabies Songs for Babies




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