I recently received correspondence from a woman who wanted more information about any medical procedures which would ensure that she would get pregnant with a baby boy. She 100% wanted a son and she was very serious about this and was willing to do “whatever it took” to make sure that this is exactly what she got. Actually, there are medical procedures that allow you to chose your baby’s gender and sex. I will discuss them more in the following article.

PGD: The Only Surefire Way To Get A Boy: Right now, the medical procedure with the highest success rate of getting you a boy (or a girl if this is what you want,) is called PGD which stands for “pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.” This takes place in a lab and is basically artificial insemination which takes it to the next level to determine gender.

Here’s how it works. Some of the mother-to-be’s eggs are extracted by a specialists. Then, the father-to-be provides the sperm. The sperm will fertilize the eggs, but this will entirely take place in the lab. Once this happens, the result is several potential embryos. These embryos are then screened for genetic issues, abnormalities, and gender. Only healthy embryos that are the gender that you want (which is in this case is a boy) are then implanted back into the mother. Those that “take” should result in a normal pregnancy. Any left over embryos that meet this criteria can be frozen for future use.

Some Cons Of This Medical Procedure That Determines Your Baby’s Gender: For those who are dead set on having one gender over another, this can most definitely be the answer. But, if there are any negatives or cons to this procedure, the biggest one is probably the cost. Sometimes, people believe that the costs of PGD are included with the cost of the artificial insemination. They aren’t are not. And insemination is expensive, running several thousand dollars for each cycle. If the pregnancy doesn’t “take,” this needs to be repeated. Statistics show that it is about 35% successful each time, so some couples need several rounds before they are successful.

On top of this, the PGD will typically costs another $2,000 to $4,5000 depending on your clinic. So costs alone does keep some couples from going down this route. And, the fact that not every try is successful is another deterrent. Now, some couples do not have a choice with this. They will not be able to become pregnant on their own. Of course if you have some fertility issues and need the help of a lab to get pregnant, then this procedure is only taking what would already be necessary to the next level. But, if you are only going this route because of gender selection, there actually might be another way.

Ways That You Can Try To Make Sure That You Conceive A Boy Without Any Medical Intervention If you can’t afford PGD, there are some things you can try at home. Basically, your goal is exactly the same – to make sure that a Y or boy sperm reaches your egg. Since you can’t test or see the embryos as the lab folks can, you’ll have to go with what we know about how the sperm behaves and how long it lives. Boy producing sperm can not live long so you want to have intercourse late in your fertility cycle. You also want to make your reproductive tract alkaline. This can mean changing your diet and experimenting with douching. Finally, certain sexual positions make a boy conception much more likely.

If you can use all of these things together, you can greatly increase your changes to get a boy baby. And it won’t cost you very much at all.

Source by Sandy Dean


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