The episode begins with Zim and GIR falling out of the sky in their smoldering Voot Cruiser, which has been presumably damaged by GIR. Zim is headed underground to the repair bay, but fears that he has been seen out of disguise by a human baby. Believing the baby to be a threat to his mission, he attempts to interrogate it. After a fruitless attempt at getting information, he is warded off by a horrible smell caused by the baby. He is in his base when the doorbell is rang. He answers the door, and no one is there. He goes back in, only to discover a platoon of babies in strange uniforms. He then finds out that they are in fact extraterrestrials that have been stranded on Earth for seven years, when they were accidentally swapped with human babies during an information-gathering mission at an Earth hospital. In order to get back to their home planet the aliens attempt to steal Zim’s ship , but Zim makes it to the repair bay before them and finds GIR messing with the power amplifier (again!), creating a field that induces stupidity. Zim is able to incapacitate them with this field and pass them off as human infants once again.

Dib goes out to defeat Zim. When Professor Membrane tells Gaz that it’s her turn to pick a restaurant to eat at during the Annual Family Night Out (Prof. Membrane is VERY busy), she chooses Bloaty’s Pizza Hog. Two hours pass by and when it is time to go and Dib still has not returned, Professor Membrane says this is a family night, so everyone must attend, otherwise he would have to cancel the whole thing and put it off until next year. In order to be in time for the rare family dinner at her favorite restaurant, Gaz tries to persuade Dib to come home via a communicator watch, but her brother refuses listen to her. Dib, still at Zim’s base, is captured by Zim and taken to a station orbiting Earth for experimentation and vivisection. Gaz is forced to go to save him. She nearly decides to let Zim attempt his experiment of taking out Dib’s organs but thinks that Professor Membrane wouldn’t allow them to go to the restaurant without reassembling Dib, so Gaz releases Dib and forces him to an escape ship that Zim foolishly guides them to. Zim chases them in another ship but is taken down by Gaz’s superior flying skills (most likely due to her gaming skills seen in NanoZIM). Gaz, Dib and Professor Membrane meet at Bloaty’s Pizza Hog and are about to enjoy their meal when Zim bursts through the door. Dib protests that he should finish Zim off but Gaz has left him strapped on a floating disc so he cannot move. However, Zim is terrified by the mechanized singing animals and runs back out the door.

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