Sometimes it seems like life is just one big competition: all of us race to be the first to grow up… and then we change our minds and race in reverse to be the last to die. If you view life as a competition, then why not compete to have the first baby born on New Years Day? Why not make birth a competition, as well?

Having the first baby born on New Years Day is harder than it might seem. After all, as with most competitions, there are plenty of other people in the running. And you certainly do not want to let a rookie win!

Wait a minute… why is this a competition that you should strive to win? What are the prizes that you get for having the first baby born on New Years Day?

· Alright. Let us just say that the most important prize that you can get, win or lose, is a brand new baby! That is right. Everyone who “enters” this competition gets a consolation prize!

· Many local businesses donate prizes like baby blankets, baby formula, diapers, and baby store gift

certificates. Sure, all of these items are specifically for the baby more so than directly for you… but babies can be expensive, so you still save.

· Money. Well, money is not the most likely gift, but we can always cross our fingers and hope, right?

All right, now that we have covered the possible prizes that you could receive simply by being the first to have your baby on New Years Day, let us get straight to the training. Well, you likely already know the general idea about how to “train” for this event, but let us help you with the specifics.

· Decide if it is more important to win big… or to simply win. If you want to win big, then you need to move to a big city. If you simply want to win, living in a smaller town will increase your chances.

· Find out which hospitals/towns have had the best prizes over the years, and make sure that that town and that hospital are where you are at!

· To have a baby on New Years Day, you are going to need to be in peak physical condition! Make sure that you get a complete physical. Talk to an OB-GYN.

· Do not wait. Remember, this race technically begins 9 months or more before New Years Day. Do not delay!

· Check your fertility. If your doctor says that you are both very fertile, get right to it! If, on the other hand, your doctor implies that it there is something to be desired, do not simply cross your fingers and hope that it all works out. Get something done! Investigate sperm banks. Go ahead and make an appointment with a vitro specialist or a fertility specialist.

· Long before you plan on to conceive, start taking prenatal vitamins. In fact, when you are of child-bearing age, you should start taking folic acid. Folic acid helps prevent birth defects.

· Stop smoking! No, this warning is not just for the mothers, it is for the fathers, as well. There are many problems associated with smoking during pregnancy. For one, smoking can increase the risk of stillbirth and miscarriage in women. It can also decrease sperm count in men, lessening the chances of conceiving in the first place.

· Oh, and while you are at it, stop drinking alcohol and taking recreational drugs!

· Be healthy. Exercise. Eat well.

· Too much caffeine can increase the chance of a miscarriage.

Alright, let us get straight to the almighty conception. How can you conceive at the right time.

· Do the math. If you want to have your baby on New Years Day, you are going to have to get pregnant about 9 months before that.

· Check your family histories and see if there are any patterns as to how long family pregnancies lasted. If your family tends to have babies early, then you can get started a little late, etc.

· Reduce your stress. If you are stressed out, tired, and not relaxed, you are going to be less likely to conceive.

· Use an ovulation predictor kit to find out when you are most susceptible to getting pregnant.

· Learn how to track your cycle. There are certain tricks to the trade: take your temperature, pay attention to your discharge levels, etc. You should start tracking your basal body temperature ahead of the time of your ideal conception date. This will help you predict when your ovulation occurs. This is because your temperature increases by .5 degrees as soon as the egg is released.

· After you have sex, it is recommended by some for the women to place her hips up on a pillow for nearly 30 minutes to give the sperm a chance to swim upstream.

Following these steps cannot guarantee that you will have a New Years Day baby, but they certainly can help! Good luck, and Happy New Years Day!

Source by Anne Clarke


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