Babies don’t need a lot of space before being able to walk and play. In the beginning, the baby’s room is mainly for your comfort and preference.

The main items to have in a baby’s room are the crib, a changing station, a dresser and a bin that should be emptied out regularly. Other items include a bassinet to help the baby to sleep, a rocking chair for a similar effect as the bassinet and stimulation for the baby.

Arranging these items isn’t the biggest hassle you could deal with. Provided you have the necessary space to walk around the room without having to move furniture items out the way. If you have to move furniture to move around, it means that the room is not big enough or there is unnecessary items lying around.

The crib should be easily accessible in the dark. Therefore, there always has to be a clear space for you to walk in order to get to your baby. Most people prefer to keep the path as straight as possible so that walking in the dark isn’t difficult to navigate.

Many houses and apartments already have built-in cupboards installed. If an extra dresser is required, it does not need to be close to the crib. You can place this item against the wall adjacent to the door or next to the built-in cupboard.

A changing station works in any part of the room provided is it not blocking anything or an item isn’t placed directly in front of it. Ideally, having a changing station closest to the crib could be beneficial especially if the baby is going to be placed back into the crib straight after. The bin has to be right next to it for practical purposes.

Having a rocking chair or an armchair could be helpful to you, especially if the baby wakes up in the middle of the night. Having a chair in the room could allow you to sit comfortably without having to move to different rooms. This chair could be moved to a different place at a later stage.

Stimulation is an important factor in a child’s development. You can provide your child with this by hanging up colourful pictures and paintings and mobiles that spin and play music. Stimulation is also achieved by having different coloured toys.

There is always a way to decorate and furnish a baby’s room with modern furniture. The most important factor is to keep the room clutter free, easily accessible and spacious enough to prevent the baby from overheating.

Source by Meghna Lalloo


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