Zēblō Gonzor talks about virtual girlfriends, robot babies, protesting pigs in Japan, Matthew Goodwin literally eating his own words from his Brexit book, the inescapable Donald Trump, photoshopping high school yearbook photos, and more in the latest episode of Earth From Up Here.

Earth From Up Here is an animated political comedy made in virtual reality using Flipside.

Flipside is available for early access for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive!
Steam (HTC Vive): https://bit.ly/2JlJkh6
Oculus: https://ocul.us/2NKxAYT

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More info at www.flipsidexr.com

Concept and artwork by The Campfire Union Inc.
Written by Jordan Cerminara.
Zēblō Gonzor is Jordan Cerminara
thejokeisonme.com, @strangehumorist
Opening music by Julian Beutel
Opening Voice Over by Luke Jacob Thiessen



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