Keeping a newborn calm and quiet is no easy task. Though your little one is supposed to sleep 12 hours per day getting your baby to calm down and go to sleep can be tiring, challenging and quite frustrating. If you are a hassled parent, it’s always a relief to find a good tool that can help you bring your little one to a peaceful slumber for the night. Believe it or not, the old school rocking chair that your grandmother had might just be what you need to calm your baby down and soothe it to the point of near-slumber.

There are several benefits to having a rocker in your nursery that every modern day parents should know about. One of the first things that a parent notices is that the slow, steady, and gentle motions of the rocker often is enough to soothe a baby. In order to keep your newborn calm and sleepy having a rocker close to the crib will help a lot. The closer the rocker is to the crib, the less likely it is that your baby will feel jostled by your footsteps.

Keeping a rocker in the nursery is also very convenient for new moms who need a cozy place to breastfeed. After all, the rocking motions don’t only soothe babies, moms often enjoy the bonding time that comes with relaxing in the nursery in a comfy rocker. If you are a mom who simply needs a break from pacing back and forth while trying to get your baby to breastfeed, a rocker will be able to assist you more than you would expect.

Moreover, there has been some proof in research that a well-designed room can help keep children calm well into their teens. A stylish rocker in a pastel blue, green, or purple hue is more likely to help children fall fast asleep way beyond their toddler’s years. The colors of the rocker alone are soothing, so your baby might not even need the rocking motion to actually feel calmer. Also, a placid environment will help calm down parents who might be feeling a little under the weather after running a day long marathon after their toddler.

Basically, a rocker is one of the most peaceful, useful, and calming furniture pieces that a new parent can have. These timeless chairs are nursery classics because they work. And, if they worked for the hardworking parents of generations past, they will work for you too.

Source by Valentina Kaltchev


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