Everyone rejoices when a baby gets that first tooth. They look so cute with the first little pearly white showing through and in some cases it has caused a lot of discomfort coming in so when it’s arrived it’s party time. Not many know though that this is when a dental regimine should start. Yes, with one tooth you can start your little one on the right path to a healthy and clean mouth.

The first steps to a clean mouth for a baby with just one or two teeth doesn’t mean you need to run out and get a toothbrush and special toothpaste, as just a wipe will do. As new teeth erupt, they too can be wiped at intervals throughout the day that will mimic brushing as the baby gets into childhood.

Good habits start early, and it is recommended that a soft toothbrush is utilized as the mouth begins to fill with teeth and that flossing should start at around age two. Thankfully today there are various pre-made flossing products that make it easier for little hands to negotiate, they don’t have to mess with long strings of floss and can instead get the job done before they graduate to the adult method.

Going to the dentist is always a tricky subject for parents, especially if it’s your first baby. Do you go when the first tooth is seen, wait for all of the baby teeth to be present or wait until the baby teeth fall out and the adult teeth are all in? The experts say that babies should see the dentist for the first time no later than their first birthday and better still, within six months of that first tooth appearing.

After that first tooth is a great time to start teaching all those good dental habits. Kids should be taught to not swallow toothpaste, but instead use a small amount and spit it out after, how to floss and how to brush the teeth gently and in a circular motion paying special attention toteh gum line.

As the baby teeth start to come out, the adult teeth will emerge as baby teeth are place holders for the later more permanent teeth, and by this time your child will be used to going to the dentist, the dentist will have charted and documented the teeth and will know exactly what’s going on inside that little mouth.

Source by Amanda J Hales


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