Baby Cam. Recording What Babies See and Hear.
Recording those precious memories from inside the pram through your babies eyes is fun and entertaining and most of all we hope it will stimulate our earliest memories from birth onwards and upwards.
Technology has moved on since the Polaroid camera and yet we have not yet fully grasped it’s potential to stimulate and activate our earliest memories when playing those memories back to our older children.
How many times have we heard children say they don’t remember their grandparents? Now they can thanks to our advances in recording high quality HD footage and sound through a webcam or mobile phone secured safely in place to avoid any risk of an accident. (Please Be careful)
Recording Through our babies eyes is an exciting concept that so many people have neglected and yet it has immense potential to help develop long lasting memories of those precious and important early years.
I do hope you will join our experiment and record what your baby sees, because I am sure we can all learn something valuable from this simple low cost journey back to the future.
Be sure to check out my research into Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) at
You will, I am sure, find this subject fascinating too.

I look forward to hearing your comments and watching your Pram Cam videos on Youtube.
Please be sure to click like and share this Pram Cam video in the interests of science and rewarding parenting and besides it’s very funny watching all those funny faces and hearing those squeaky high voices trying to get a smile from baby 🙂 But most of all enjoy them while they are young. Have a lovely day Andrew



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