baby lion

Life circumstances prevented me from becoming a vet which was always a dream. So I never got to the point where I could work full time with animals. Moving around so much as an adult has prevented me from being a zoo docent or foster mom for animals (at least not for long periods of time). I have always envied anyone getting to work with baby animals and care for them and raise them, ESPECIALLY the big cats.
Through Flickr, I was able to hold this baby white lion cub, my very first. I envied the young people there taking care of the cubs.

A contact/friend through Flickr, Floridapfe, who works at Everland, a resort outside Seoul, invited us down to see the babies. We were able to hold a baby white tiger, a baby white lion,, shown here being held by my hubby so that’s his moustache above the lion’s head, and a baby macaque. It was fantastic. Everland, while a resort with rides and parades and mascots, also has a very nice zoo and was quite a good outing for us as well. Thanks Floridapfe, Thanks Everland. We love the babies!

Posted by Carpe Feline on 2007-12-31 08:47:56

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