There is an understandable bubble of happiness, zeal and zest when you are about to welcome a little member in your life and make him/her a part of your family as a pleasant addition. When you or your family members are planning the arrival of this new bundle of joy, the first and foremost thing to be done is making space for a small but comfortable and soothing nursery for the baby. The size of nursery isn’t the concern, what matters is the beauty of the space that the baby will grow up into. When the priority list is being finalized, it is often the case that a baby changing table doesn’t make it to the list because the perception is that it neither will be needed in the long run nor it will serve as a fragment of memory. But, what most people forget that changing diapers is not a one-time thing, you will have to do it at least 15-18 times a day for the next two years maximum. So, getting a safe place to do so isn’t just an idea, but a need you never considered.

Classic safety attributes you should consider while buying: A changing table is a prologue to the very first chapter of your baby’s daily care. Changing diapers is a must and these tables are designed in such a way that it can hold the baby as you place him/her while you use your hands to change diaper without the fear that he/she might fall down. Safety features are:

  • Always choose round cornered tables.
  • Railings guarding the baby when you are not holding him/her are a necessity. Three sided secure railings or four sided railings are easily available.
  • Either buy a table with inbuilt safety net or purchase one separately so that there is no chance of the baby rolling away from your sight and control.

Some organizational attributes to be considered: Organizational features that you need to keep a check on as you shop around for the appropriate baby changing table are:

  • There are tables with closed cabinets or cabinets with sliding doors if you want everything stacked properly or in an untidy manner but not be visible to any human eye.
  • There are changing tables which have open shelves if you want everything right in front of your sight and reach, like while in a sudden need to use baby powder for rashes.

Certain rules that will ensure safety of your child while changing diapers: Initially, it would seem unnatural to put to use some basic safety rules because the baby would stay right where you put him/her. But let a few months pass, and then they will be akin to rolling over so then these simple rules might come into practice:

  • Keep the changing table clean so that the baby’s health when it comes to hygiene is not compromised with.
  • Always, always use safety straps or toppers or keep one hand on the baby.
  • Buy a changing table with guard rails so that there is not even a slight chance of any unintentional accident.
  • Prefer modern changing tables because they look comfortable and hence relaxes the baby.

Source by Shalini Madhav


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