Baby Bluejay

This is a baby Bluejay that I have been seeing now for 3 days at the Cole County Jaycee Park Lake that had fallen out of its nest. The little guy or gal could only sit and look at me the first 2 days but today it was able to do the Hop and then just look at me like I didn’t know how to dance as well as it could. Its parents were there today and tried to scare me away while screaching away. The little bird actually went from about 20′ away from me to about 3′ away from me while I was sitting at a bench. I was a little surprised at that because it seemed to know that I was not a threat after 3 days of talking to it. The parents were still flying real close to me while I was sitting there. DPP_3203

Posted by gregnboutz on 2011-07-14 18:39:04

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