baby birdie

There was a bird nest in the eve of the house I was babysitting at. As we were playing badminton outside, we heard a noisy chirping coming from the ground by the house. We went to check it out, and look at what we found! We were so concerned at first: we made a little nest for him, put a blanket nearby, etc. The boys had seen something on Discovery that said if you hit the ground with sticks, worms come up, so they tried that to get some food for it (didn’t work). Then, I had a genius idea…THE INTERNET! It explained that all babies fall out of the nest when they’re ready to fly and that it’s best to leave them alone. It also emphasized to NEVER touch the baby, or else the mom won’t come back for him. Luckly, we didn’t touch. I guess we’ll see tomorrow if he’ll be okay…cross your fingers! I felt so bad for him!

PS: If anybody has a tripod that they really love, would you tell me what kind it is? Mine is really flimsy and annoying. Thanks 🙂

(Day 6/365, June 2, 2010)

Posted by leah.jordan on 2010-06-03 00:49:19

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