baby # 2 ^_^

I have two flickrs and many dear BJD friends on here who probably don’t follow my Blythe flickr also so i thought I would post the good news on both 🙂

There is another little one on the way!!!
Today I had my 12 week scan 🙂 The lady said everything looked perfect ^__^ Eeeeeeps!!! Our baby would not stop moving, flipping and kicking hehe, so it took a while to snap some photo’s. It was so exciting and looked so adorable up on the screen. It is due to arrive October 1st and will stay an "IT" until it arrives… we want a surprise! :))))

* I also want to add that all though I don’t post photo’s on here often anymore I still think about you all and consider you all friends. I love my bjd still but at the moment my interests have turned more to blythe 🙂 ♥

Posted by river_doll (poordittums) on 2013-03-15 09:51:04

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