* I continue to record the life of the female monkey named “Tokkuri 00” and her family.

“Tokkuri 00”
Please remember her name.
She is 1st ranker of female in this troop.
Please watch the footage link below.
You can know everything of life of “Great female snow monkey and her families”.
This is the entrance of a magnificent documentary.

【SNOW MONKEY】☆Great Mother’s Story☆ About “Tokkuri 00”

Babies are full of danger.
Therefore, usually mother often grabs the baby’s leg and does not release it.

【SNOW MONKEY】 ☆Cute Baby Birth☆ 4 / Don’t go ! 地獄谷野猿公苑

But Tokkuri 00 will let sisters take care of a baby.
That seems to be her educational policy.
My heart is beating fast…

This scene is important.
Sister noticed that the baby is too close to Tokkuri 92.
She tried to separate the baby from Tokkuri 92.
Tokkuri 00 is checking sister’s acts properly.

This time a baby seems to have mistook Tokkuri 92 as a mother.
Because they have same hair color together, babies are easy to make mistakes.
Tokkuri 92 is angered by her sister Tokkuri 00 when she touch her sister’s baby, so she will try to get away from a baby.
But since a baby thinks Tokkuri 92 is mom, baby will chase desperately.
Young sisters helped a baby.
GJ !!!



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